About Us

Every product update has the potential to unlock massive value for your stakeholders.

In a CI/CD paradigm, product changes are an everyday occurrence, which makes it increasingly difficult to communicate those changes to internal and external stakeholders.

Many companies focus on communicating only big launches, because it's too tedious to share every little thing that ships with the right people.

We want to change that by making it easy for companies to share product updates with the right stakeholders at the right time using the right medium.

Our Mission

We help companies unlock the power of their product updates

A well-written product update can enable your customers and internal stakeholders to succeed.

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Meet the Makers

Our Team

Julio Farah
Senior Software Engineer

Julio started his software career at Thoughtworks experimenting with various languages, industries and practices before applying these learnings at Segment. He's passionate about software quality, testing and continuous delivery and integration, and knows cross-functional communication is a critical piece of getting those things right.

Morgan Samson
Software Engineer

Morgan has worked on internal tools for early-stage startups and large tech companies in the media, marketplace, and eCommerce sectors. Through tracking down bugs, she learned how crucial cross-team communication is to ensure users have a seamless experience.

JJ Nguyen
Founder & CEO

JJ founded Makelog to help bridge the gap between product teams and their customers, internal and external. She experienced this problem firsthand early at companies like Warby Parker, Segment, and Scale, where she held a variety of analytics and go-to-market roles.

Kyle Schuma
Founding Engineer

Kyle has developed software products since the 90s for the legal, financial, insurance, and medical industries. He has observed up-close companies struggling to communicate product changes and hopes that Makelog will better calibrate internal teams and keep their customers well informed.

Dan Poindexter
Product Engineer

Dan has contributed to several early stage startups, working in the space between product and engineering. His experience exposed him to the shortcomings of how product changes are communicated, but also the potential, and he is driven to address both at Makelog.


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