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Frequently asked questions

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Is Makelog meant for internal or external product updates?

Both! Whether you’re trying to keep your GTM teams in the loop, notify your users when new features ship, both, or anything in between, Makelog can help. Our sharing features include: publishing to Slack, a public page, or in-app, allowing users to subscribe to email updates, and sharing via Twitter!

Why would I integrate my product management or version control tools with Makelog?

You certainly don’t have to, but our customers have found that connecting their tools helps streamline the release communication process and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

What makes Makelog different from just using Notion/our CMS/other changelog tools?

Makelog was designed to help software teams share new features with their stakeholders, with zero developer or design resources. Our philosophy is that release communication should be built into your team’s existing development rituals and workflows, which is why we integrate with GitHub, LaunchDarkly, Slack, and more. Other tools are standalone tools that aren’t well integrated into your workflow, resulting in “yet another tool” syndrome.