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[RSS] Button in subscribe modal doesn't load RSS feed

[Autopublish] Fix bug where saving drafts shares to Slack

Copy to clipboard not working

Fix bug where archived issues appear in search results

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Makelog's ChatGPT integration.

How does it work?

Select completed items from issue tracking tools like Jira or Linear and let ChatGPT write a changelog entry for you. This accelerates the writing process with machine learning and reusing context you’ve already captured!

Learn more on our blog here.

Why do I need ChatGPT to write my changelog?

It’s simple: to save time. Generative AI speeds up the writing process because it gets you halfway there. If tweaking content takes you less time than starting from scratch, you can benefit from this!

Is this feature available in Makelog today?

This feature is currently in beta, and we’ll be letting folks in on a rolling basis! To be among the first to try it out, sign up for our Team plan today!