Share what ships,
without the usual overhead.

From start to finish

A better workflow for busy product managers and engineers to keep stakeholders in the loop

Connect your sources

Sync pull requests and issues from tools like Linear, Github, Jira, and Asana so your teams can easily see what's shipped.

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Triage your Inbox

Pick what's relevant for customers and internal stakeholders to know about, archive what isn't.

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Create Entries

Write bite-sized product updates that are easy to skim and digest. Standardize context across product teams using structured custom fields.

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Publish updates to your Product Ledger: a showcase of everything your team's shipped (and their velocity!) Share to Slack automatically.

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Get the right update to the right person at the right time

Meet your customers where they are, allowing them to subscribe to the updates they care about or push directly to Slack. Schedule curated weekly email digests based on different audiences.

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Features to help you scale product communications

Drive faster product awareness and adoption with timely, tailored updates as soon as the code is merged.
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Automatically publish your updates to Slack
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Hosted Product Ledger with unlimited post views
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Customization options for your public page
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Set post visibility to private and public
Custom historical sync and field mapping
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Inbox notifications as work is completed
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Parent-child hierarchy across tools to collate context
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Scheduled posts
Start sharing your product velocity with the world