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Speed Up Time to Value

The Old Way
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Customers are caught off-guard by changes you made months ago, but never shared.
The Makelog Way
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Your team shares instant, accurate updates with users as soon as code is deployed.

Share Updates Faster and More Effectively

The Old Way
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Manually copying and pasting a one-size-fits-all update over and over again
The Makelog Way
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Share to your changelog, in-app, and customer Slack channels... at the same time

Get the Right Update to the Right Person at the Right Time

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Managing multiple audiences across beta testers, current customers, new prospects
The Makelog Way
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Tailor updates to groups of users by channel, with built-in support for feature flags

Give Customers a Source of Truth for Product Changes

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Your changelog either has too much detail, or not enough
The Makelog Way
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Let your customers subscribe to the updates they care about

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"Our whole team, from Product to Customer Success, loves Makelog - and so do our customers! We rely on it to keep everyone informed of our highly awaited features."
- Product Manager

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"We’ve had several features now where customers started using the feature the same day the PR merged, just off our Makelog release notes."
- Principal Product Manager

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"We love Makelog! The Linear integration makes sharing updates way faster and shows off our product velocity to customers."
- Product Manager

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"My secret agenda is to help our engineers become better communicators, and Makelog helps with that."
- Engineering Manager

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