Final Thoughts



Founded in 2020 by JJ Nguyen, Makelog was a release communication platform that helped the fastest-shipping product development teams share what they shipped.

By integrating with tools like Jira, GitHub, Linear, Aha!, and more, Makelog made it easy to make sense of everything that was changing and tee it up to communicate both internally and externally. Over the course of three years, Makelog raised a seed round, grew to a team of 7 at its peak and served incredible customers who believed in our vision for continuous communication. However, without a clear path to breakout growth, in 2023 we decided to sunset the product.

Thank you to all of our teammates throughout the years: Cory Pisano, Vince Prignano, Chun Jiang, Kyle Schuma, Dan Poindexter, Kat Fukui, Julio Farah, Morgan Samson, Logan Liffick, Briton Baker, Michelle Chan-Wah, Shelley Labreque, Eric Phillips, Laurel Jones, Lisa Dewitt, LB Lane, Arielle Schnaidman, and Jacob Hubbard.

Thank you to our investors, especially Kevin and Alexia Niparko, Francisco Alberini and Cristi Celis, Ian Storm Taylor, Shinji Kim, Jon Brelig, Wayne Pan, David Eckstein, Christine Yen, Eric Cohen, Andrea Funsten, and Vas Natarajan.

Thank you to Stephen Atwell, whose unwavering faith in our vision for continuous communication made it possible for us to build a unique and differentiated product that made a number of users very, very happy.

Finally, thank you to the wonderful customers we served - it was a privilege to build for you. Thank you for your openness and generosity in sharing your insights and feedback with us. Your creativity and resourcefulness in tackling release communication problems routinely inspired us, and we hope that more solutions emerge in the future to make the process truly painless.

We're happy to share any further thoughts and lessons learned if it would be helpful to anyone building in the release communication space. Feel free to contact JJ or Jacob via LinkedIn.

- JJ and Jacob