Our Approach

To change communication

Continuous Communication

noun | [kuhn·ti·nyoo·uhs kuh·myoo·nuh·kay·shn]

The practice of automating release communication to stakeholders throughout the software delivery process.

What we're doing

Thanks to new advances in the CI / CD space, software teams are shipping faster, more reliably, and more iteratively than ever before. This has led to an exponential increase in product changes: features, feature enhancements, bug fixes, improvements… and it’s all happening every single day. But while we’ve sped up how quickly you can build and deploy features to customers with progressive delivery techniques, we haven’t scaled the way we communicate these features internally or to customers.

What is this page?

We're shaping how we see things and wanted to keep a page that helps document that. this page will be updated, shifted, and changed as time moves forward.