(Re)launching Makelog

January 25, 2023JJ Nguyen

Today, we’re relaunching Makelog, a changelog made for today’s busiest software teams, with several new features.

What’s new

Letting your users subscribe to your changelog via email

Some customers prefer to hear the latest and greatest each month, while others enjoy getting updates more frequently. On top of that, not every user cares about the same things: power users might like to hear about minor improvements and bug fixes, and others may just want to know when major features launch.

Now, you can let your users set their preferences and hear from your product team on their own terms.

Automatically sharing updates to Slack when you publish a changelog entry

It can be a pain to have to publish a changelog entry, only to then open up Slack and repackage the same information to customers and internal teams. Chances are, you’ve already done a lot of that leading up to the release. Now, you just want to let everyone know that feature’s finally live!

With our new autopublish to Slack feature, you can set a rule to automatically publish your update to Slack as soon as you publish it to your changelog. You can even set up specific groups of Slack channels, like “Customer-Facing Teams” so that everyone’s aware that the updates have been published to customers.

Native LaunchDarkly integration for selectively sharing in-app product updates

Many software teams rely on feature flags to iteratively roll out new features, leaning on beta testers to give feedback on new functionality as it’s released. This is super helpful for derisking product rollouts, but now you have to update early adopters users on beta functionality, existing users on what’s been released to GA, and internal stakeholders on both.

Now, you can sync your feature flags from LaunchDarkly to selectively show updates about feature-flagged features to users who are entitled to see them.

We’re constantly looking for more ways to close the gap between when features ship and when they get communicated to customers and internal stakeholders. If there’s something that you think would help improve your release communication workflow, don’t hesitate to reach out at support@makelog.com!