How Product Teams Can Use AI to Automate Their Release Notes

February 15, 2023Makelog Team


As a product manager, you constantly update and improve your products to make them better. You try to stay on top of product changes, constantly combing through tickets and writing updates for different audiences. Even with the help of your team, this task is cumbersome and takes up way too much of your time.

As your company gets larger it becomes even harder to stay on top of the communication train. How can you make sure both colleagues and customers stay up-to-date on the latest product improvements without delays in communication and lost velocity?

Using Makelog’s new GPT-3 feature, you can automate your changelog workflow!

How it works

As soon as work is marked complete in Jira, Linear, or your preferred data source, a draft. Then, quickly tweak if needed, and publish to different audiences whenever you’re ready!

Time is of the essence when launching competitive features, and generative AI can help eliminate the time between when changes are made and when the product goes live. This saves time and resources for everyone.

Benefits for product development teams

Product managers can spend more time focused on their actual work while using automation to:

  • Generate a release note draft. Get hours back each week by not having to start all of your updates from scratch.
  • Reuse context you’ve already captured in tickets - no more copying, pasting, and possibly missing small but important details. Why reinvent the wheel?
  • Keep all stakeholders current with product functionality as soon as it ships.
  • Show off your product velocity and celebrate your team, fast and often!
  • Drive faster product awareness and adoption. As soon as customers know what’s available, they can start using the latest enhancements.
  • Benefits for your internal stakeholders

    Internal teams like QA, Customer Success, Support, Marketing, and Sales get more of a heads up on what’s about to be released to customers, leading them to:

  • Proactively share long-awaited product updates with customers. No more customers finding out about changes before they do.
  • Demo more effectively and accurately when selling or upselling new features. No more salespeople caught off-guard by new features in demo environments.
  • Benefits for your customers

    Communicating new product updates and changes as they ship has a ripple effect on your customers. They will:

  • Grow more confidence and trust in your team’s rate of innovation.
  • Learn about your product updates immediately so they can try out the latest features.
  • Feel seen when you close the loop quickly on that bug fix they reported.
  • Give you even more feedback knowing you’re acting quickly on their requests.
  • Receiving a consistent experience with regular updates delivered the same way each time, whether that’s via your public changelog, shared Slack channel, or email.
  • When you remove the communication lag, it highlights that your team is working hard and moving fast. Customers won’t have to wait to find out what’s going on with product updates and will see that reported bugs are taken seriously and fixed swiftly.

    As your business grows, scaling your release communication processes and getting timely updates out fast becomes much harder. With Makelog’s new GPT-3 feature that automatically drafts your updates for you, you get an AI-enabled workflow that keeps all of your stakeholders on the same page.

    An automated changelog helps you streamline and publish updates in a speedy and uncomplicated manner. Make things easier on yourself and your team so you can concentrate on what matters most: making sure the right changes are rolled out and made known to the right people as smoothly as possible.

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